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A combination of multi-locational integration, a dashboard on mobility devise and digitation to create paper less hospital unique to Validus.


Seamless Integration

Validus can bring together Multi-locational hospitals or clinics by providing centralized information of each center, as well as aggregate data of entire organization. This helps our client to allocate resources where most needed,


Mobile Application for Quick insights

Validus mobile Application is exclusively developed and designed for management to get quick insights. Validus app gives freedom to our client to access the real time data and analytics including revenues while, on the go.


Nursing Desk

Having understood, the challenges in healthcare industry of; manpower competency to operate complex electronic devices, maintenance of multipart IT hardware in sensitive areas like operation theater, ICU and nursing desk,



The digital version of physical medical records that, get updated with each visit of the patients helps hospitals reduce storage spaces and prevent physical damage to stored records. Access & retrieval system built in to the software