Advantage of Validus

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Cost effective

Validus software is easy to maintain, requires minimum tech support, and hence does not require highly qualified in-house technical staff. Through its; just in time inventory, stock audits, and by preventing duplication of efforts it boots the efficiency, saving time and money.

Simple and Easy access to information

Validus software through MIS reports and dashboard on mobility device provide real time data on the go. Analytical insights provided through MIS report and dashboard, improves prospect of awell-informedmanagement decision. Ease of storage and retrieval of Medical Records, allows access to patient records at fingertip.

Increased Data Security

Validus stores each and every patient medical data in different secured databases, according to the category e.g. pathology, radiology, pharmacy etc. Due to role based access other than appropriate department or person, the rest have access only to limited data. Thus, preventing pilferage and misuse of confidential information.

We Digitize your Old Paper Based Medical Records to an Electronic Format by Scanning !

the Best part of using an Hospital information system is which extremely helpful in managing out-patients.

Improved Efficiency

Validus because of its well-structured and organized medical data, makes every department in the hospital organized and connected thus, helps in synchronized functioning.

Reduced Scope of Errors

Due to single point of data entry reduces duplication of human efforts thus, reducing human errors. Validus can help hospital staff to monitor the usage of prescribed drugs effectively resulting in accurate prescription control thus, minimizing the errors.

Customized Solutions

Each hospital is unique and needs customized solutions. Hospitals are typical healthcare units, needing to see the hospital data in every possible way with specific requirements. Team Validus gathers the requirement of the client and through provides customized services to the client.