Terms & Conditions


1.           Deliverables


1.1        A list of features would be listed out after a detailed study of the existing processes and any other special requirements.

1.2        This list of features would constitute the “Final Deliverables”.


2.           Payment Terms


2.1        The Cost mentioned above is payable towards Monthly Usage Charges for the Comprehensive Software package containing all the features that are listed in the features section of the website & as discussed during the product demonstration, if any.

2.2        All taxes shall be paid extra as applicable at the time of the payment.


3.           The Payment Schedule


3.1        The Monthly / Yearly Usage Charges shall be paid at the beginning of the subscription renewal month on or before the 05th of the month.

3.2        Subscription renewal month shall be the first month of the renewed period of subscription.

3.3        The subscription amount shall be calculated based on the plan selected by the user at the time of “Signup”.

3.4        The company may also provide, from time to time, various payment plans that may allow user to pay subscription charges for more than one month at a time. However, the user shall have the choice to opt for such plans, if so desired by the user at the time.


4.           Exclusions: The price mentioned excludes:


4.1        Computer Hardware like Servers, Clients, Printers, Scanners, etc.

4.2        Networking Hardware like Hubs, Modems, Switches, Cabling and allied labor cost, etc.

4.3        Computer software like OS, Database Software etc.

4.4        Networking and Internet Charges, etc.


5.           Training


5.1        All training shall be provided online only.

5.2        Staff to be trained in all departments shall be identified by the Hospital Authorities.

5.3        Training shall be provided to all identified staff.

5.4        The Hospital shall provide all required training infrastructure like training room, machines and required stationery, if any.

5.5        The Hospital authority shall depute dedicated training time for all staff to be trained.

5.6        Each User would be required to undergo a training of minimum 5 Hours spread over a period of 5 days.

5.7        Training schedule shall be fixed at mutually convenient times, however, within working hours (10:00 AM to 05:00 PM) on working days (Monday to Friday, not including national holidays).



6.           Product Enhancements & Technical Support


6.1        All issues shall be logged in on the online “Self Service Application” provided within Validus HIS Application.

6.2        Login credentials on SSA for one authorized user shall be provided to the user designated by the client as the Single Point of Contact for the maintenance of the Validus Application.

6.3        Technical Support shall be provided online only.

6.4        In case of “On Premise Hosting” of Validus HIS Application, the client shall provide internet connectivity to the Server as and when requested by the Validus Tech Support team for the purpose of carrying out maintenance related tasks.


7.           Cancellation & Refund Policy


7.1        Non – Payment of subscription charges shall automatically lead to cancellation of the subscription.

7.2        The subscription account shall be available to the user for usage till the end of the current subscription period.

7.3        Subscription once paid, SHALL NOT BE REFUNDED.