Best suited for hospitals having 60 to 200 beds. The focus is on helping setup a smooth transaction system while still giving an insight into vital business information to help the management make the right business decisions.
Salient Features
Rapid Development & Deployment (2 Tier Architecture).
Patient Registration & Admissions.
OP Management.
Integrated Pharmacy - that can also be operated as a separate Business Unit.
Lab - that can also be operated as a separate Business Unit.
Operation Theater to effectively track & manage Surgery Revenue.
IP Billing integrated with Pharmacy, Lab and Operation Theater.
Insurance Claims Tracking Functionalilty.
Exhaustive & Flexible Reporting on all transactions - User Wise & Department Wise.
Revenue Management and Analysis.
Can be easily scaled up by integrating with other add-on modules like Appointment Scheduler, Electronic Health Record, Coporate Billing and Imaging.
e-healthLite Professional Enterprise
* For Hospitals with basic automation. * For Hospitals with integrated workflow requirements. * For Enterprise Wide Automation.
* Best suited for hospitals with less than 60 beds. * Best suited for hospitals with 60 - 200 beds. * Best suited for hospitals with more than 200 beds.
* Covers OP, IP, Lab & Pharmacy Billing. * Provides enhanced billing including Insurance. * Covers all hospital commercial departments.
* MIS provides all Collection Reports. * Provides analytical reports for all departments. * Provides enhanced reporting for Decision Support.
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