SaaS e – Health ENTERPRISE Workflow Integration & Decision Support
  Designed for large full service multi specialty and super specialty hospitals. The focus is to provide a total work flow system that automates all functions of the entire enterprise. Further, it shall also integrate critical analytical capabilities so as to help the management run the institution efficiently and derive the best results from all its operations. The Enterprise version offers:
Salient Features
Browser based (3 Tier Architecture) functionalities.
Enhanced features in all functionalities.
OP / IP Appointment Scheduling.
Integrated Operation Theater functionality.
Fully integrated Imaging functions for General Surgery, OB / GYN & Lap. Surgeries.
Integrated Electronic Health Record with integrated medical document system.
Integrated billing of patient services like doctor visits, ventilator, Oxygen.
Corporate IP Billing (Empanelled Company) follow up & analysis.
Insurance Claims Tracking Functionalilty.
Multi Level Pharmacy capability.
Integrated CSSD, Laundry, IP Canteen, Gas Manifold, Security, HR (including payroll).
Marketing Analysis & Planning.
Exhaustive Medical Records & In-Patient Case Sheet.
Revenue Analysis.
Expense (including Doctor Payments) Analysis.
Hospital General Stores with Purchase Order and Approval based purchase system.
Any Time, Any Where access on intranet and internet.
Self Service Web Access for Patients for Appointments and EHR.
e-healthLite Professional Enterprise
* For Hospitals with basic automation. * For Hospitals with integrated workflow requirements. * For Enterprise Wide Automation.
* Best suited for hospitals with less than 60 beds. * Best suited for hospitals with 60 - 200 beds. * Best suited for hospitals with more than 200 beds.
* Covers OP, IP, Lab & Pharmacy Billing. * Provides enhanced billing including Insurance. * Covers all hospital commercial departments.
* MIS provides all Collection Reports. * Provides analytical reports for all departments. * Provides enhanced reporting for Decision Support.
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