Validus Mobility

Get Real-Time insights into your hospital performance.

Validus HIS

Seamlessly integrate your hospital operations.


Patient Medical Records at your fingertips.


Have a multi-locational enterprise? Integrate your multi-locational enterprise into one Organization.

Providing customized solutions for every requirement. Simplifying IT for healthcare!


Get Real-Time insights into your hospital performance.


Get Real-Time insights into your hospital performance.


Integrate your multi locational enterprise into one organization

Flexible solutions for your hospital management and clinical records Providing customized solutions for every requirement. Simplifying IT for healthcare!


Designed for small & mid-sized multi-speciality hospitals. Integrates all essential functionalities like OP & IP Billing, Pharmacy & Lab. Anytime, Anywhere access to intranet and internet.

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Best suited for hospitals having 60 to 200 beds. Integrates all essential functionalities including Insurance claims tracking functionality and revenue management and analysis.

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Designed for large full-service multi & super speciality hospitals. Includes a workflow system and also integrates critical analytical capabilities & multi-level pharmacy & lab capabilities.

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What Differentiates Validus HIS Validus Hospital Management Software is one of the very first softwares to offer mobile app for effective clinic management. Also, validus was one of the first Hospital ERP providers in India to offer the application and services on premise SAAS (Software as a Service) business model. We are leading the IT technology in the healthcare sector from the past 22 years. And that has given us a very clear insight into the day-to- day operations of a hospital. Given the undue advantage of having clear insight into all aspects of operations from very close quarters, validus has evolved into a very robust, flexible, user friendly and secure hospital ERP that helps in integrating all operations of a Hospital into one seamless workflow.

Smart and Flexible

  • 3-Tier architecture makes it easy to maintain and operate.
  • Support for drug batch number, substitutes and generics.
  • Nursing Desk module for entry of lab and pharmacy orders.
  • Accurate patient information available in real time.
  • Multilingual and bi-directional.
  • Browser based Hospital Integration Software.
  • Integrated workflows to reduce human errors.

Secured and Integrated

  • Security protocols for authenticated usage and detailed audit reports.
  • Possible integration with smart codes & biometric systems for security.
  • Pharmacy purchase, internal distribution, IP issue and cash sales.
  • Accounting interface: Reduced errors & improved efficiency.
  • Patient history view covering all visits.
  • Completely integrated billing.
  • Vitals charting & I /O charting.

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